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Boat Lifts

Tiger Docks® offers the ultimate protection for your watercraft, a boat lift. Tiger Docks is dedicated to evaluating your specific site conditions and finding the perfect solution for your boat lift needs. Whether it is a state of-the-art solar-charged, hydraulic, or the more traditional cable boat lift or floating boat lift, Tiger Docks can provide you with the correct boat lift to fit your specific requirements.

No single manufacturer provides a boat lift to fit every individual site condition, which is why we are authorized dealers for Sunstream Boat Lifts, HydroHoist Boat Lifts, and ShoreStation Boat Hoists. We also have boat lifts available from other regional manufacturers, so no matter what your technical requirements and price point are, we have a quality boat lift to match.

On the service side, Tiger Docks provides parts, service, and repair for any model of boat lift in use today. Our factory-trained professional technicians can perform a service call to adjust or repair your lift to keep it in top operating condition. Our inside service personnel can provide you with guidance and original equipment parts if you wish to perform your own maintenance and repairs.


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