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Flo-Fast 7.5 Gallon Jug

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Product #: TD-FLOJUG
Price: $49.99

Flo-Fast™, 7.5 gallon, is the perfect tool for people who spend time on the water. It makes fueling your boat or waterfront extremely easy, and best of all it keeps the water clean!

Simply roll Flo-Fast™ out on the dock and fuel away. After using Flo-Fast™ you will appreciate the simplicity and ease of fueling your waterfront.

Step By Step

  1. Drop the pump system into the jug and secure tightly. Then orientate the pump head so you are pumping with your right hand.
  2. Now secure the tether line to something on your boat to ensure the line will stay in the fluid opening
  3. Simply rotate the crank arm at a rate of 1 revolution per second to dispense 5 gallons per minute.
Note: Clockwise rotation pumps fluid from the container. Counter Clockwise rotation draws fluid out of the container


Flo-Fast™ Pump System Sold Seperately

Weight: 5 lbs.