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Anchoring / Marine Winch

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Securing a floating dock system can be a complex issue. Items that need to be considered include but are not limited to the following.

  • Size and weight of dock system
  • Weight of vessels to be moored to the dock system
  • Water fluctuations (long-term rainfall raise and fall; run-a-way from shore; short-term tidal, etc.)
  • Wind and wave activity (prevailing/predictable conditions at your site)
  • Anchor selection or availability (both underwater and shore attachment points)

In considering dock security, winch equipment must be carefully selected. It needs to be applicable to as wide a variety of tasks as possible and to accomplish these tasks with high reliability. This is especially important for absentee property owners, such as those with a weekend waterfront retreat.

Pursuant to our philosophy in providing the correct product to fit the site-specific application, Tiger Docks® offers a variety of standard and custom-made wire rope and manual cable winches. Standard models fill needs from light-duty small residential floating dock operations to heavy-duty commercial winch applications. Choosing one of the standard models has the advantage of prompt delivery. Prices are also minimized due to production quantities.

Winch Standard Features ...

  • Hot-dipped galvanized for superior corrosion protection
  • Extra heavy-duty construction in winch frame and spool brackets
  • Grease fittings at all wear and stress points to ensure smooth operation
  • Spring-loaded holding dog for a secure lock
  • Adjusting handle for easy operation
  • Positive retention cable holding mechanism
  • Two-speed operation
  • To be used as anchoring device (not designed for live load)

Custom Winch Design

Application engineers can be consulted and modifications made to our standard designs, or a special winch may be designed if required. Our unique computer program performs the many calculations needed and optimizes the design to fit your specific site requirements. This process keeps engineering and design costs to a minimum, and tailors the special design and selection of components to utilize standard components and sub-assemblies as much as possible. Therefore, you don't pay a premium price for a custom-designed and special-order fabricated winch.

On the flip side, custom winch systems assure conformance to almost any set of requirements, and repay the user many times over in convenience, safety and efficiency. An applications engineer will provide technical details and assistance in selecting the proper winch for the job or provide a technical and cost proposal for a custom winch.


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