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Underwater Air Lift Bags

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Tiger Docks® stocks a variety of sophisticated, durable, underwater air lift bags for all of your diving and lifting needs. It's the only piece of diving equipment that can pay for itself each time it is used! From sport diving to heavy duty commercial lifting, contact us to discuss your specific lifting requirement and let our engineers recommend the best air lift bag for use in your application.


    All lift bags have one or more handles and tie-off points to make them easy to grasp and secure both in and out of water.
  • All lift bags are designed to be folded and rolled into compact, negatively-buoyant rolls that are easy to handle and deploy underwater.
  • The over-pressure valves on all lift bags are designed to adequately vent the air from a fully-charged bag on a free ascent from any depth.

Types of Lift Bags available ...

  • OPEN BOTTOM LIFT BAGS (great for sport divers and light salvage)

  • ENCLOSED PILLOW BAGS (excellent when you need maximum lift in shallow water)

  • SALVAGE TUBES (highly versatile bags for pipe-laying, construction projects and raising sunken boats)

  • BOULDER BAGS (can be used as air jacks to exert several thousand pounds of force over a large area)

  • PROPELLER BAGS (specifically designed for installing and removing boat propellers)

  • PERSONAL FLOATS (can be used for personal safety or to mark valuable finds on the bottom)

  • SPEAR FISHING FLOATS (designed to bring speared fish to the surface) 


  • REPAIR KITS (Large and Small)



***We do not accept returns on airbags.  All items are checked for proper operation before leaving the warehouse.

Click to Shop for Underwater Air Lift Bags