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Stationary Docks and Piers

Tiger Docks® provides the best quality stationary dock system on the market. These stationary docks are available in both wood and galvanized steel frame construction, and provide a safe platform for your waterfront enjoyment. Stationary docks are available with or without roof systems. We can custom-design and build or provide the plans and materials for you to build your own stationary dock. You will have all the options you want, as we are the premier stop for "do-it-yourself" projects on your waterfront.

Typical construction material on this type of dock features...

  • ACQ treated 2" x 8" wood frame and 2" x 6" decking lumber
  • Galvanized metal wood dock hardware and fasteners
  • Galvanized 12" steel frame, dock hardware and fasteners
  • Decking of concrete, wood or composite
  • Galvanized steel support posts
  • Dock accessories including bumpers, dock cleats, swim ladders, and many other quality optional items
  • If purchased in kit form your dock kit will include complete lumber bill of material and cut list, along with construction and assembly plans
  • Our recommendations and material requirements to provide a safe and secure dock-anchoring system

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This dock is our standard ACQ wood frame and decking using galvanized steel wood dock hardware with 3" galvanized support posts.

Your stationary dock project can be custom-designed to fit what you imagined. With our extensive waterfront experience, in-house design team, and quality-engineered products, we can help you build the waterfront of your dreams.

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