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Regulatory Buoys / Signs

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Our premium regulatory buoys designed for your rough water application or for problem areas where buoys are subject to abuse and vandalism. Approved and universally used by local, state and federal agencies to be on station-guiding watercraft and ensuring boating safety.


First choice among professionals...

All Rolyan products are designed to meet and conform with all state and federal regulations. They have long been approved and used by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, Homeland Security Department, state parks, state boating administrators, local sheriff's departments and fire rescue, marinas, yacht clubs and resorts. Ideal for use in private applications. Options available for your special non-standard messages on all buoys and sign platforms.


Standard Features...

  • 9" diameter, white, seamless, tough ABS plastic exterior. Ultraviolet inhibited.
  • Shatter-proof -- will not crack, chip, peel or rust.
  • Completely urethane foam filled. Virtually unsinkable.
  • 3" wide silver reflective band at the top provides excellent night-time visibility.
  • Self-righting without tackle.
  • Recessed cap allows buoy to stand upright.
  • Heavy steel galvanized anchoring eye cast in an internal concrete ballast.
  • Symbols and messages impregnated into buoy surface.
  • Easy reconditioning of weather-worn buoys with excellent adhesion of restoration materials.


Available Options...

  • Internal radar reflectors
  • Pickup eye built-in top
  • Stainless steel anchoring eye for salt water applications
  • Agency name or identification
  • Cone cap top
  • Special non-standard messages




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