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Controlled Area Buoy - Heavy Duty

Product Photo
Product Photo
Product Photo
Product #: TD-B961R
Price: $192.00

Heavy-duty regulatory buoy in white with a super-tough HDPE shell and 3" wide reflective band at top to provide excellent nighttime visibility. This buoy is anchored thru PVC pipe with a 1" I.D. galvanized steel mooring eye. 

Diameter: 9"

Submerged Buoyancy:  84 lbs.

Net Weight:  49 lbs.

Buoy Height:  61" with a 36" exposure

Orange Symbol Height:  12"

Standard Messages:
  • Slow 5 MPH
  • Slow No Wake
  • Ski Area
  • No Ski
  • Slow 10 MPH
  • Speed Zone
  • No Wake Idle Speed