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Settings are made beautiful with our fountains ... the benefits are endless.

 The "Clover"

The "Clover" creates an impressive cascade of water that sounds as amazing as it appears.

The "Skyward"

The wide, spreading display of the "Skyward" creates a broad water feature that will provide abundant beauty to fill any lake scene.

The "Gusher"

The "Gusher" creates an exciting, geyser type vertical column of water in a highly visible, wind-resistant dense pattern.

The "Twirling Waters"

In just a few words... Dramatic, Stunning, and Dynamic.

The "Jet Stream"

When maximum height is desired, the "Jet Stream" fountain is the perfect selection for a high quality yet affordable water feature!



Why aeration?

  • Preserve your Investment ... Maintenance can be a breeze.  The expense of constructing a new pond warrants the need for continued maintenance and the upkeep of your investment.
  • Beautify your Property ...  Add spectacular aesthetic!   An Aerator will keep your water sparkling clean, while adding a sense of beauty and prestige to any landscape.  An aerator provides exceptional benefits in low-circulation areas where undesirable algae build-up and surface growth are common.
  • Promote a Healthy Environment ... Create a Sparkling Pond.  A lack of Oxygen in a body of water will provoke fish kills, foul odors, algae growth, and is a major cause in the establishment of stagnant vegetation.  Oxygen can easily be added to your pond or lake by using an aerator.  Simply put, an aerator integrates dissolved oxygen into your water, facilitating the natural breakdown of decaying vegetation.
  • Feel Comfortable Knowing Our High Standards...  Our systems speak quality.  Every fountain and aerator comes with an unconditional, 5 year motor warranty, the best in the industry.  All of our products are made in the USA of oil-free stainless steel components guaranteed to be the most environmentally friendly water features on the market.

 The "DA-20 Display Aerator"

The "DA-20 Display Aerator" is the proven solution for keeping your water sparkling clean while simultaneously providing beauty and healthy aeration.


The "Boilermaker"

The "Boilermaker" is an improved high volume floating                                        surface aerator designe d for maximum oxygen transfer                                           and water flow.



Lighting Systems

Enhance your fountain or aerator with a light set and add a colored lens kit.


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