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 Keep your dock free of Ice using a De-Icer unit by Tiger Docks™ 

Protect you waterfront from ice damage this winter with a De-Icer!!

We sell top quality, low maintenance De-Icers for use under your dock, boat lift, or waterfront pier.  They are easy to install and operate, inexpensive, and most importantly...  they are dependable!

The De-Icer is also a great choice for keeping open areas for ducks, geese, and winter fishing areas.  




De-Ice Your Waterfront

ICE-A-WAY Model # 1A-5-25

$665.00 -- call about current price specials


Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel Franklin submersible oil-free motor
  • Water-cooled unit with flow-directing diffuser
  • High speed, foul-resistant propeller
  • No long shafts to bend or become out of balance
  • No seals or bearings to maintain
  • Two 10' sling ropes included for mounting 
  • Automatic power supply timers available as an option


 cropped Dock Watch

New Product!


2 Thermostats in 1 for only $189.50

Standard Features

  • Offers high energy savings
  • Upper thermostat measures air temperature
  • Lower thermostat measures the temperature below the water line
  • Automatically turns on when both air and water temperatures reach freezing
  • Saves dock and boat from ice damage 
  • Saves owner thousands of dollars in potential repairs
  • Provides both peace of mind and cost savings



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