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Wood Dock Hardware

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Tiger Docks® uses only the strongest, most durable, galvanized steel for dock construction. We offer both residential and heavy-duty commercial dock hardware. Tiger Docks can provide all the dock hardware to build the dock of your dreams. 









Our high-quality Residential Wood Dock Hardware is the best investment in the marketplace for lighter weight hardware. This boat dock hardware is specifically designed for use in calm areas, free of current and prevailing winds. The Residential Wood Boat Dock Hardware has all of the same quality features as our durable commercial grade hardware. The hardware is fabricated from seven-gauge carbon steel and then hot-dipped galvanized for long-lasting service.

Designed to withstand the toughest of marine environments, our Heavy Duty Wood Dock Hardware is formed from 1/4" high strength carbon steel and welded via MIG and Robotic processes. It is hot-dipped galvanized for long-lasting life. The hardware is then re-squared to ensure absolute accuracy.

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