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Tiger Docks® is an authorized dealer for The Touchless Boat Cover™ -- the easiest automatic boat cover and protection system available on the market. Eliminating all the hassles of a conventional boat cover, The Touchless Boat Cover’s patented, remote controlled or one-touch design and marine-grade construction has earned it recognition as the most pristine, durable boat covering system ever manufactured.

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Eliminate the hassle of an old-fashioned boat cover; with The Touchless Cover, you can push a button and walk away.

The Touchless Boat Cover has been developed as the automatic, hands-free cover for just about every boat application. It works beautifully in conjunction with the boat lifts Tiger Docks sells and installs, including those from Sunstream, HydroHoist and ShoreStation. No more dealing with traditional boat covers, tarps, snaps, hooks or struggling with enormous, heavy-weight fabric sides or sun shades for boats. Simply push a button and the cover raises and lowers. It’s that easy.

The Touchless Boat Cover delivers true and full coverage for your boat, no matter what type or size, including personal water crafts. Protect your boat from harmful, damaging UV rays and the fading that can occur when all or part of your boat is exposed to the sun. Keep the critters out, too. With The Touchless Cover, your boat can stay in showroom condition for as long as you have it under the cover.

The Touchless Cover is available in the colors seen below. Please note that fabric colors may differ slightly, depending on your computer screen's color settings. 

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The Touchless Cover™ for Boats

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