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Engineering Services


We provide for each client:

  • Intelligent planning, design and construction of your project based on our years of experience
  • Site selection and evaluation services to help you find the ideal location and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses
  • Thorough survey of your project site prior to construction to document existing conditions, which leads to accurate construction documents and minimizing change orders
  • Construction management and supervision, delivered in a manner sensitive and appropriate to your marine environment
  • Job coordination and scheduling to provide the shortest possible duration and on-time completion of your project
  • Fair and competitive pricing

We also provide:

  • Product material/component specifications and selection
  • Conceptual estimates
  • Feasibility studies
  • Building and site constructibility studies
  • Value engineering
  • Space planning
  • Insurance appraisals
  • Acquisition inspections and evaluations

Design-Build Services

We have found that the best solution for most of our customers' requirements is the design-build process. Simply put, design-build creates a single contract between the owner and the design-builder, who takes complete responsibility for all aspects of planning, design, and construction of the project. The Tiger Docks® team has a wealth of experience in the design and construction of waterfront development projects, as we channel through every detail of programming, planning, design, plan review, agency approvals, and construction. The advantages of this process are:

  • Single-source responsibility for all project requirements. Tiger Docks is solely accountable for the success of the project.
  • Accelerated project schedule. Tasks that are sequential in the traditional "design, bid, build" process become parallel with the design-build approach, shortening the overall project time and allowing earlier revenue generation.
  • Elimination of the potential adversarial relationship which can develop in the traditional owner-architect-builder structure.
  • Our Design/Build/Plus Pro Program offers "open-book" accounting. The customer has intimate knowledge of the details of the project estimate and costs from the beginning to the end. Competitive pricing is achieved through multiple subcontractor bids for all trades and materials. The customer may introduce subcontractors and suppliers that are separately known to him.

Experience has shown that the design-build process results in shorter project schedules, lower costs, elimination of change orders resulting from design error, and collaborative long-term relationships between Tiger Docks and its customers.

Construction Management

Although we know the design-build process provides a superior service to our customers, we also provide straightforward construction management and general contracting services, if our customer prefers this arrangement.

When an owner elects to separately retain an architect to design the project and then selects a construction company to build the job, the process is traditionally understood as a "design-bid-build" approach. In this arrangement, Tiger Docks provides a lump sum proposal or a cost-plus-a-fee proposal to manage the construction process and ensure that the various stages of construction are completed in a timely and seamless fashion, from securing the construction permit through completion of the construction.

In this arrangement, Tiger Docks also evaluates and determines appropriate construction methods and the most cost-effective plan and schedule. Although we are not responsible for the design, we critique and evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of the design, based on our extensive experience and industry knowledge. When appropriate, we recommend cost-saving "value engineering" methods and materials. We survey and investigate the existing structure and building systems in light of the proposed design to ensure the constructibiliy of the design.

Prior to the start of construction, we divide all required construction site activities into logical steps, budgeting the time required to meet established deadlines. We utilize sophisticated estimating and scheduling techniques and software, and then select trade contractors to complete each specialty of the project, which includes everything from site and structural work to plumbing, electrical, mechanical, shielding, and finishes. Tiger Docks supervises the performance of all trade contractors and we are responsible for ensuring that all work is completed on schedule and according to the specifications provided by the architect and engineers.

Other Services

At times, our customers need help determining if a project is viable or feasible. In addition to our design-build and construction management services, Tiger Docks provides feasibility and constructibility studies as well as conceptual estimates to help owners with long-range business planning. Real life examples of these services include:

  • Pre-construction services to a marina client one year in advance of the proposed start of construction of a floating dock addition. Services included providing periodic project budgets, investigation of existing conditions relative to the preliminary design solutions, and preliminary scheduling.
  • A feasibility study for new transient docks for a river marina. We investigated two locations, evaluating the proposed locations for proximity to the existing fuel docks, availability of existing facility services, structural requirements, and code and zoning ordinances, and then provided a preliminary space plan and project budget.
  • A conceptual budget for community association rental docks, working from preliminary sketches. The proposed project includes four independent finger docks, fuel docks, and boat access ramp.
  • Consulting services to evaluate, critique and monitor design documents for floating bridge systems for a golf course.
  • Preliminary space plan and conceptual budget for new commercial marina development, provided to the owner for purposes of building his business plan.

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