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Design Your Own Dock

Have an idea of what you want, but don’t know how to formalize it?

Tiger Docks® can assist you in designing your own dock. The Tiger Docks team is consultative in their approach to designing and building the dock of your dreams. Whether you are looking to build on a lake, pond, river, or ocean, Tiger Docks will work one-on-one until your dream dock becomes a reality.

Tiger Docks will provide you with the expertise needed to make important decisions along the way. For example, wood or steel frame? Wood or concrete decking? Floating or stationary? 

Tiger Docks can help you find the best solutions while designing your own dock. Contact us via telephone, email, fax, or come see us at our retail store.

Let us know what your site conditions are:

  • A sketch ... your thoughts on a general layout
  • Some photos ... a panoramic view looking down at the water, a right and left profile of your property taken at the waters edge, and any other relative site photos
  • Site conditions ... exposed to open water, in a protective cove, etc...
  • Tell us about the water conditions ... depth, water normal level, fluctuation during both your boating season and out-of-season
  • Body of water ... identify the site by lake or river name, tell us about the size of the body of water if possible

Design your own Dock Pictures


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