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Government Lifts

GSA-approved Boat Lifts for

Military, Police, Fire Rescue, and Community Water Patrol

Hawaii military boat lifts

Tiger Docks® Floating Dock system and Sunstream 24,000-lb FloatLifts™ installed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii


Centrally located in the United States, Tiger Docks is a premiere floating dock manufacturer with clients across the globe. Our custom marine solutions include helping you select a boat lift that will meet all of your specific criteria while remaining sensitive to your operational and fiscal requirements.


Tiger Docks specializes in fast-response military, police, and fire rescue boat lifts. Whether the need is for performance, speed, reliability or all of the above, Tiger Docks can help. Tiger Docks is a distributor of GSA-approved boat lifts, including those made by Sunstream and HydroHoist.


These reliable, high-performance boat lifts save government agencies a tremendous amount of time and money by modernizing boat protection and maintenance practices. The return on investment is realized by increasing the life of the asset, saving hard costs on fuel burn, and optimizing the workforce's time.

Sunstream's FloatLift™ has a capacity weight up to 36,000 lbs. Simply tie the FloatLift to most places you can tie your boat: slips, side-ties or even a mooring buoy. The DC system can be charged using either the solar or AC powered options. The standard rear guides and remote control make docking incredibly easy.

The FloatLift is designed for fresh or salt water, with an aluminum frame, stainless steel hardware, marine-grade hydraulic cylinders with stainless shafts, and marine-grade hoses. The rubber-capped SuperBunks™ are not only durable, but provide the ultimate in cushioned support for your hull.

With a Sunstream FloatLift, boats last longer and burn 10-20% less fuel. Maintenance costs are reduced, as are extra costs associated with storing and relocating your fleet. Enhance your mission, reduce total ownership costs, and protect the environment with this hardworking life.

Boat lifts offered by Tiger Docks are a popular choice among military, police, and fire rescue units because they...

  • Keep vessels response-ready
  • Reduce maintenance by allowing boat servicing to take place on the water
  • Make docking safer and easier
  • Dry-store a boat anywhere
  • Come with a 1-year warranty

Below are some of the military, police and fire rescue boats for which Tiger Docks has installed Sunstream boat lifts.

police, fire, military

Maximum Features, Minimal Design

  • Level launch/lift in seconds
  • Durable, foam-filled polyethylene pontoons
  • Free-floating, portable design ties with dock lines
  • Versatile docking locations: slips, side-tie, mooring buoys
  • Stylish, low-profile design allows accessibility to hull and prop
  • Capacities up to 36K lbs, min water depth 12” under hull
  • Remote-controlled operation
  • Solar or AC power options
  • High-speed hydraulic operation
  • Self-contained power source
  • DC motor for safety
  • Automatic sleep mode reduces battery drainage
  • Water-resistant starter solenoid
  • Custom-designed electronic transmitter for the remote
  • Emergency dump


  • Utilizes 1/4" wall highest grade aluminum extrusions, twice as thick as many competing lifts
  • Custom extrusions with radius edges make handling safer and easier
  • Stainless steel hardware, stainless steel hydraulic ramp shafts
  • Fewer welds in critical locations increase frame life
  • Side beam clamps on the cross beam allows for lifting frame to be positioned any distance from dock


  • Lift can stop and lock at any height
  • Over-center frame design provides a gravity lock
  • Double-acting cylinders power the lift up and down
  • Short-stroke cylinder is vertical when extended, which increases seal life
  • Chrome-coated stainless steel ram is self-cleaning
  • Environmentally-friendly, water-soluble hydraulic fluid

Dry Storage on Water

  • Preserve assets by maximizing boat life
  • Service boats on the water
  • No bottom painting
  • Reduces fuel costs

One trailer for entire small boat fleet

  • Rapid off-loading to land
  • Boat block in minutes, saving hours
  • Non-certified operator can use trailer
  • Save time and space
  • No boat stands/blocks needed
  • No waiting for travel lift or crane
  • Safer and easier

Government clients include:

  • U.S. Navy -- worldwide bases
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • U.S. Homeland Security
  • Police Departments
  • Fire Departments

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HydroHoist also offers government-grade boat lifts, with weight capacities up to 32,000 lbs.



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