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Seawalls & Retaining Walls

Tiger Docks® seawall technicians are specifically trained to construct seawalls and retaining walls for your waterfront. Our first-hand experience with seawall construction and repair is what makes Tiger Docks stand out as waterfront engineers. 

We recommend you install both Redi-Rock™ and VERSA-LOK® retaining wall systems.


All Redi-Rock products capture the "Essence of Natural Rock." Redi-Rock has developed its product line with attention to natural hardscapes and has thus developed a system that looks so natural that many mistake it for quarried stone.

Redi-Rock's retaining walls utilize blocks weighing over 1 ton each. The massive scale of the system allows walls to be built much higher then other wall systems without using geogrid or tie-backs. Also, taller reinforced retaining walls can be designed with our geo-connector.

Redi-Rock's diverse hardscape product line consists of retaining walls, freestanding walls, architectural columns, and massive pavers.


VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems have been specified on thousands of commercial and residential jobs worldwide. Architects and engineers choose VERSA-LOK walls for many reasons:

  • It's the only solid, pinned system on the market, meaning unmatched durability, on-site unit modification and easy installation
  • Unlimited design capabilities: create corners, curves, columns, stairs, terraces and more
  • Fast, easy installation means lower labor costs and fewer steps in the construction process
  • Top-notch engineering/technical support readily available by contacting us

Typical seawall examples below are...

  • Redi-Rock limestone
  • Redi-Rock cobblestone
  • VERSA-LOK blocks
  • Limestone 4" x 8" material
  • Natural boulders
  • Vinyl sheet piling

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On this residential waterfront, we installed 270' of Redi-Rock limestone blocks.

Your wall system can be custom designed to fit your waterfront. With our extensive waterfront experience, in-house design team, and quality-engineered products, we can help you build the waterfront wall to fit your site requirements.


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